CacheWarmer subscriptions

We want to give every person the opportunity to test CacheWarmer. That is why we offer you a 10-day free trial to test out our platform.

Free 10-day trial. Set up in minutes. No credit card required

After that you'll need a subscription.

We currently have two kind of subscriptions available:

  • Firestarter subscription (50.000 requests each month)
  • Bonfire subscription (500.000 requests each month)

Once you login you can review your remaining amount of requests on each page.

A request is a single page visit. The sitemap.xml & url list crawlers will not visit any other page than the ones provided, so you can easily calculate how many days a subscription will last with the current version of your site.

The automatic crawler will crawl all the pages of your site, including comment pages, forums, ... (anything with an unique url). This will make it a bit more difficult to determine how many request you need for your site. You can use the first 10 days to determine how many requests you'll need and to finetune the query string parameter handling.